frequently asked questions

Here are some questions we are asked most frequently. But we love to speak direct to our customers, so please feel free to call so that we can discuss your query in person.

Q. What type of garments do you embroider?
A. We can embroider almost anything.

Q. Can you supply different brands?
A. Yes, many leading brands and household names. Take a look at our online catalogue for the product you require and you'll see all the brands we supply.

Q. Is there a minimum order?
A. No, we can supply any size of order from a single item to thousands.

Q. How can I get my logo embroidered onto a garment?
A. Simply show us a picture or an old embroidery of your logo first, so that we can check it's viable for embroidery. The next step is the 'digitisation' process which converts your logo to a picture. This is sent to you as a swatch so that you can approve the logo before we embroider it onto your garment.

Q. Where and how should I best position my logo?
A. We've been doing this for over 15 years and are very experienced - so please call us for guidance and ideas.

Q. How quick is turnaround?
A. Turnaround is normally 7-10 days, although we can usually do it quicker. However, if you need something done very quickly, it's best to call us to discuss it.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. Prices depend on a number of different things such as quantity, size and position of logo/s, and turnaround. There is also a one-off set- up fee for digitising your design (around £50 per logo) unless your embroidery logo is already set up.

Q. Can I return something I don't like?
A. No, I'm afraid we can only accept returned goods which are faulty. This is why we have you examine and approve the logo design before we go ahead and embroider it. Once it's embroidered it's non-returnable. On some occasions, samples can be ordered in at a small cost.  (See our Terms and Conditions for more).

Q. Do you do printing?
A. Yes, we do heat transfer printing and sublimation printing in-house.  Call us for details.

Q. What types of payment do you accept?
A. We are generally paid in cash or cheque upon collection. Credit cards may also be used.