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Remember your mates forever!! 

If you’re leaving school at the end of term you’ll no doubt be excited about the future.You’ll also want to make sure you’ve got something to remind you of all those awesome times you spent with your friends, team players, text pals, X-Box buddies, and maybe even the teachers! (But no, not double Maths on a Monday morning…!!).

Leavers Hoodies are the answer! Personalise your hoodie with the names of your mates, teachers, school emblems, mottos or fave moments and keep it close to your heart forever. Lightweight or heavyweight, plain or contrast – there are loads of colours and styles to choose from.  We also have a fab range of funky fonts like the ones pictured here - ask us for more details and create  something truly unique.

Remember, if you don’t see what you want on this website please call us.

It's OK - we don't give out detention...!

T:01721 723 773  or to   contact brown&out

 We can print your name on your hoodie and we can embroider your school badge - there are loads of options!


Contact us for more details, or to find out how to design your very own unique hoodie. 


Take a look at these great new designs below for 2013...

Call us on 01721 723 773 and we can design something unique with you

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leavers hooded tops brown&out